Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boy's Night

My daddy and I had boy's night the other night while mommy was gone. I got to go to the dog park to play with my friends. We made pizza---Yummy! Then I went out to my backyard to chase some bugs. There are sooooooo many buzzing around! I could have spent all night chasing bugs! When mommy came home she found me and daddy lounging together on the couch---what an awesome boy's night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I never got a chance to post about Easter since my mommy and daddy were busy trying to figure out what was wrong with me last week. I have been doing great---no more of those seizure things since Friday!

Here are just a couple pictures from my weekend celebrating Easter with my Grandma and Grandpa Kozusko. My grandparents are awesome and got me an Easter present. I got a box of Milkbones and a bag of Beggin' Strips. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love both of these!

Well, you won't believe what happened while we were there visiting. You see, Grandma and Grandpa's fence is not as tall as mine at home---so mommy and daddy usually never let me out in the backyard off of my leash. This time they were really cool and let out on my own since both of them were out there and my human cousin, Courtney. I totally blew it though! In the spirit of this whole Easter holiday I saw a cute lil bunny hopping through the backyard. One thing lead to another and I shot through the same hole in the fence the bunny did! Mommy and daddy started yelling my name. Daddy chased after me and mommy went to get some yummy treats to get me to come back. I didn't get very far just 2 yards. All I wanted to do was play it---geez! Parents---they just try and ruin all of your fun sometimes.....but don't worry I love my mommy and daddy very much!

Riding in the backseat all comfy on my bed

My new Wubba Kong mommy and daddy got me for Easter.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My week started out rough

Let me tell you all about the week I had. It all started on Tuesday. Tuesday started like any other Tuesday. Daddy got up and went to work and mommy and I were hanging out before she had to go to work. Out of no where I went outside and I just got really confused and passed out. My mommy was really worried about me and called daddy at work. Daddy must not have cared too much because he didn't bother coming home from work. Mommy and daddy just kept a close eye on me for the rest of the week. But then on Thursday morning daddy let me go outside while he was getting ready for work. I got really confused again and passed out. It only last for a few seconds and I was fine after that; but mommy and daddy were really worried about me so they called some place they called the vet. Not really sure what the vet is but its pretty cool there is all kind of other animals there. There was a lot to smell! This guy they called the vet ran some kind of test on me and told me that I had a seizure and that I was epileptic. I am not sure what that means but he told my mommy that I would be just fine. They just have to document when I have those things called a seizure. I told them that I would be happy to help them document my seizure but they told me that my hand writing is too bad.
My weekend made up for my rough week. On Friday my daddy and I went to the baseball game at the school where daddy works. It was really fun! I didn't really pay much attention to the game. There was a lot of people there that liked to pet me. On Saturday the week got even better. We all went out side for landscaping. I found out that I can spread mulch and dig up dirt better than any other dog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road Trip

Sorry I am behind on posting to my blog. My family has been busy lately. Two weekends ago I went with my mom and dad to a place called Indiana. This is where my daddy grew up. Here are some pictures from my weekend.

I really wanted to drive but I was told I couldn't reach the pedals....

Cuddle time!

Taking a walk in the country---I even found a corn husk!

Riding like a big boy in the backseat

Just chilling in the backseat even though I really wanted to cuddle up front with my mommy and daddy---they told me I had to sit in the backseat to be safe.