Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up to No Good

Well furiends, it seems like the rain is never going to stop here in Tennessee. It has been another rainy day and my cabin fever set in again this morning. Mommy was busy talking to daddy on the phone so I thought I would show her why she needed to stop talking on the phone and pay attention to me! As you can see, it worked very well---mommy snapped 3 pics of me!
Let's hope this rain stops soon! I got a walk in yesterday (in between rain showers) but I am the kind of guy who needs one every day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lazy Day

Just thought I would share these pictures my mommy took of me and daddy on Sunday being lazy together.
*Mommy is on fall break for work so hopefully I will be posting more this week and next week!*


I just wanted to update you on how I am doing with my medicine. I being a very good boy and taking it 2 times everyday like the vet told me. The best news is that I have not had a seizure since I started my medicine! It feels so good! Thanks for all your comments and well wishes from my last post about my medicine. It is great to be loved by so many other doggies!

*Here I am giving my daddy a big hug and kiss for being so good to me!*