Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer School isn't so bad

Hey guys I have been really excited to tell you about my summer school that I started this past Saturday but my internet has been down the last several days. It really sucked I couldn't check out my favorite doggie blogs or even go to the Petsmart website. Oh well it is fixed now and let me tell you about my classes. My teacher's name is Robert and he is really nice. He really makes me listen. After an hour session my mommy and daddy were so proud of me. They both said that I am a really fast learner. During my first class I learned how to walk right by my parents when going for a walk and not be distracted by other things such as other dogs and birds oh boy I do like birds. But when we are on a walk I am all buisness now. I know I can play with other dogs and chase birds when I am not on a walk. I don't have class this week due to Independence Day, but I will be back to school the following Saturday. I will keep you posted on what I learn.


  1. Sounds like summer school is a good thing huh? Did you figure out what he meant by come hungry?

  2. Hi Ali,

    I'm sure you are the smartest doggy in class. A real teacher's pet! BOL It's great you are having fun.

    Wags & wiggles,

  3. Heck yea I found out what he meant to come hungry!! He gave me a treat when I did what he told me. They were really good treats. I am going to get fat on treats.

    Boxer kisses for all,


  4. Wow Summer School!! How fun!!! I just graduated last weekend from my clas.... I'm not perfect (hard to believe I know!) but a ton better!

    Your bloggie is so cute!!! We are glad you stopped by ours!!

    xo sugar