Monday, June 15, 2009

A boxer's got to have a swollen eye

OK, so I guess I need to explain why my eye is swollen. Well it all started the other day when I was outside playing. I have a weird fascination with bugs. I like to try and play with them. Most of them don't want to play with me so I usually just eat them. I found this one bug flying through the air. I started to try to play with it and it hit me right under the eye. It stung really bad. My mommy brought me inside and noticed that my eye started swelling and I was panting really hard. That's when my mommy and my grandma K called that Vet guy again. He told them to bring me in. He gave me some kind of medicine. All I know is it made me extremely tired. All I wanted to do was sleep the whole day. The above picture is after we got back from the vet and the swelling started to go down. But don't worry I was good as new the next day!

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